Vote by Mail

(aka Vote at Home)

You get your ballot in the mail, and hand mark it in the safety of your own home.  No pressure to hurry, you can take time to research and make your selections, while avoiding standing in, or holding up, a long line of voters.

Enhanced-security approaches to vote-by-mail will build on the long-established absentee voting process, and facilitate extra layers of checks and balances to ensure the integrity of elections, including hand marked paper ballots, centralized risk-limiting audits and ballot tracking.

What could possibly go wrong?


Graphic courtesy of Wisconsin Election Integrity & Karen McKim

A time-tested way to put voters first

Voters get their ballot delivered to them weeks before Election Day, fill it out at their convenience, then return it either in-person or by mail.  In the 2018 midterm election, a full 69% of ALL votes cast in the West were from mailed-out ballots - from states red, purple and blue.

It serves everyone

Good for: Seniors or disabled voters who might have trouble getting to the polls; Rural voters far from a polling place;  A single parent working two jobs;  First responders whose schedules can be preempted;  A family with sick children;  An unexpected trip;  Anyone facing bad weather.

Secure and Efficient

Relies on paper ballots that can’t be electronically hacked, with a full audit trail.  Saves on poll workers and hundreds of polling place machines that need to be maintained and replaced.


Tips to Mitigate Threats to Our Votes and Voter Registrations Before November

7 minute read

by Jennifer Cohn, @JennyCohn1 8/3/2020