Conference Schedule

Saturday, October 7, 2017 

MC – Dr. Robert Fitrakis

9:30 am – Registration

10:00 am – Opening Remarks

Luci Riley, Ballots for Bernie

10:15 am – Propaganda & Political Communication

Livestream – Dr. Emma Briant, Senior Lecturer at University of Essex

10:45 AM – Overview of Elections in US

,Steven Rosenfeld, Journalist for AlterNet

11:15 AM – Election Law

Marilyn Marks, Citizen Center, Rocky Mountain Foundation

11:45 AM – Ranked Choice Voting/Instant Runoff Voting

Paul Thomas, Voter Choice Massachusetts

12:15 PM – Lunch

1:15 PM – Election Issues in Wisconsin

Karen McKim, Wisconsin Election Integrity

1:45 PM

Michigan Election Integrity, Jan BenDor, Michigan Election Reform Alliance

2:15 PM – Internet & Elections in 2017

Dr. David Jefferson. Verified Voting

2:45 PM – Short Break

3:00 PM – Secure Democracy

Dr. Barbara Simons, Verified Voting

3:30 PM – 2016 & Exit Polls

Dr. Bob Fitrakis, Columbus State Community College
Peter Peckarsky, Unadjusted Exit Polls, Cybersecurity Risks & A Proposal

4:30 PM – Short Break

4:45 PM – Open Source Software

Chris Jerdonek, SF’s Open Source Election System Project
Stephanie Singer, Free and Fair Open Source Election Software

5:45 PM – Better Auditing

Jonathon Simon, Author of Code Red

6:15 PM – Closing Remarks

EI Veteran, Emily Levy, of Emily Levy Consulting

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM – Election Social & Livestream

Reception at the Sr. Center. Bring your signs for the “Veto AB 840” Livestream with Luci Riley and Manny Zapata. Note: Please take pictures and share using #TakeBackTheVote hashtag. Livestreaming is restricted to VRTF. Video will be taken by VRTF and Trust Vote. Videos will be on YouTube under California Election Integrity Coalition and on FB @VotingRightsTaskForce for sharing and downloading.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

9:30 am – Registration

10:00 am – Opening Remarks

Mimi Kennedy, Progressive Democrats of America

10:15 am – Recent Legislation in California 

Jim Soper, Voting Rights Task Force

10:30 AM – Conversation with Asm. Bill Quirk

Asm. Bill Quirk & Invited Registrar(s), Author of AB 840 Ray Lutz, Citizen’s Oversight
Lowell Finley, Esq., Former Calif. Deputy Secretary of State

Moderator: Emily Levy

12:00 pm – Lunch

1:00 PM – Auditing (I), Risks, Improvements, Hand Counted Ballots

Dr. Philip Stark, University of California, Berkeley
Ray Lutz, Citizens Oversight Projects
Dr. Virginia Martin, Elections commissioner, Columbia County, NY

2:30 PM – Short Break

2:45 PM – Auditing (II), The Two-Tiers

Lulu Friesdat, NY, journalist, Filmmaker of

3:15 PM – Ballot Images (I)

Karen McKim, Wisconsin Election Integrity
Lori Grace, TrustVote on Humboldt Transparency Project 4:15 PM – Short Break

4:30 PM – Ballot Images (II)

John Brakey, AUDIT-AZ

5:00 PM – Where Do We Go From Here – All Speakers

Moderator: Ady Olvera, Contra Costa Progressives and Voting Rights Task Force Moderator: Jim Soper, Counted As Cast and Voting Rights Task Force

5:45 PM – Closing Remarks

Luci Riley, Ballots for Bernie and Richmond Progressive Alliance
Manny Zapata, Manny Zapata, South Side Community Organization in Tracy, CA

6:00 PM – Post Conference Livestreams

Guests and speakers are invited to mini discussions on livestreams on election integrity with Ady Olvera and Karena Arce-Paez. Tell us about what you’re working on and where you’ll go from here.

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