Voting Technology

  • 2019 NVRTF Conference SpeakersPhoto of Kim Zetter

    Kim Zetter

    Conference Discussion Topic: Election Management Systems and Modems Bio: Coming.  

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  • 2019 NVRTF Conference SpeakersPhoto of Bennie Smith

    Bennie Smith

    Conference Discussion Topic: Fraction Magic Bennie Smith has a passion for election transparency, serves on the Technical Advisory Team for SMART Elections and is most known locally for his micro-targeting application and predictive analytics method to forecast voter turnout. Smith is most known nationally for a proof of concept application he developed and a research series he participated in to examine election system vulnerabilities. Both were covered by Bloomberg in its Cyber Security Segment and the cover story for Bloomberg Businessweek. Smith’s research uncovered an extraordinarily high-risk tampering mechanism and ultimately provided a new infrastructure for analyzing questionable election results. Smith’s work has been referenced in congressional hearings, cited as the ground work for the Ballot Images Project, and has been presented to Secretaries of States, US Congress Representatives and a number of Election integrity organizations and communication mediums.

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  • Auditing
    Photo of NVRTF Risk-Limiting Audits

    NVRTF Risk-Limiting Audits

    Online resources: is maintained by a community of RLA experts. Our goal is to demystify the RLA and connect you to the experts and tools you need to run RLAs in your state.

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