Hand Counting

  • Photo of 23. Central Hand Counting of Ballots

    23. Central Hand Counting of Ballots

    Virginia Martin talks about her modified 100% hand-count elections in her Columbia County in eastern New York State, just south east of Albany. Dr. Virginia Martin was appointed Democratic Election Commissioner in Columbia County, New York in 2008. She received her PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in rhetoric and communication and has taught at both RPI and the University at Albany. Since the introduction of optical scanners in 2010, she and her Republican counterpart have conducted full hand counts of paper ballots in every election. They have developed an efficient, prompt, cost-effective, and fully secure bipartisan process that welcomes public oversight. Its modest funding is spent locally on appreciative and well-trained poll workers. Martin is frequently called upon by various organizations and the media to speak about her county’s vote-tabulation process. To contact Dr. Martin: www.columbiacountyny.com/dept_contacts.html For more information on the conference, go to: https://nvrtf.org For more information on election integrity issues, go to: https://countedascast.org For ongoing support of our efforts, please consider contributing to https://www.gofundme.com/takebackthevote2

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