Elections Panel

  • 2017 NVRTF Conference
    2017 Take Back The Vote Election Integrity Conference

    24. Elections Panel Q&A

    Dr. Philip Stark, Ray Lutz, and Dr. Virginia Martin sat on a panel for Q&A after their individual talks. The discussed: how to get Registrars of Voters (ROVs) to do more; bi-partisan oversight; party machines vs. minority activists; exit polls and self-selection bias; risk-limiting audit, coming: all VbM and voting centers (Voters Choice Act), and image-cast system in Dominion machines in Napa County; Tim White’s lawsuit for election evidence in WA; audit must correct the outcome if it is wrong; 1 % manual tally – how implemented, and how observable, how easy to implement, and clear rules – policies and procedures, verifiable, transparency; how to have CA move forward with risk-limiting audits; For more information on the conference, go to: https://nvrtf.org For more information on election integrity issues, go to: https://countedascast.org For ongoing support of our efforts, please consider contributing to https://www.gofundme.com/takebackthevote2

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