• Photo of NVRTF Risk-Limiting Audits

    NVRTF Risk-Limiting Audits

    Online resources: is maintained by a community of RLA experts. Our goal is to demystify the RLA and connect you to the experts and tools you need to run RLAs in your state.

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  • Photo of AB 840

    AB 840

    The Assembly approved AB 840 today 9/15/17. It will now go to the governor. See the latest updates. It was an accomplishment just to get it called back to the Assembly Elections Committee on Thursday after it left the Senate on Tuesday. This was not a given. The SoS and CACEO were claiming that the amendments were just a “clarification” of the law. Had that interpretation held, AB 840 would have gone straight to the Assembly floor. But we were able to a least avoid that, and had a chance to make our case. We lost in committee, and in the legislature. It’s not always wise to stand up in front of a freight train, but we were standing up for transparency & democracy. I’m proud of everybody who contributed to this cause. The Issues Elections matter, and they are being attacked from the outside and the inside. The foundation of election security is based on paper ballots and random hand counts of the ballots. Section 15360 of the Calif. elections code requires a 1% random “audit”, specifically a “public manual tally of the ballots, including vote by mail ballots …”. This means all vote by mail ballots. San Diego…

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  • Photo of 13. Hybridized Flat & Risk-Limiting Audit, WE MUST ACT!

    13. Hybridized Flat & Risk-Limiting Audit, WE MUST ACT!

    Jonathan Simon talks about election audits and his suggestion for a hybridized combination flat and risk-limiting audit, and escalation of such an audit. He also riffs on all the villains gaming the elections, how they’ve done it, and what we must do to save our country. Jonathan Simon is the author of CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century and Executive Director of Election Defense Alliance, founded in 2006 to restore observable vote counting as the foundation of American democracy. He specializes in election forensics and has been an advocate for electoral integrity since 2002, authoring many papers and collaborating with numerous other researchers and organizations. He tweets @JonathanSimon14, blogs at, and can be reached at

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  • Photo of 25. Two-Tier Auditing

    25. Two-Tier Auditing

    Lulu Friesdat spoke at the 2nd annual “Take Back the Vote!” National Election Integrity Conference in Berkeley, CA. She talk about election audits, and raised some concerns about risk-limiting audits. Lulu Friesdat is an Emmy award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on election reform and social change. She received a Best Documentary award for Holler Back — [not] Voting in an American Town, a film that explores systemic issues in our elections that discourage voter participation. Her network news experience includes assignments for CBS Evening News, Nightline, Sunday Morning, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. She produced profiles of Democratic candidates for MSNBC, and has done documentary work with NBC. A two-time recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award, her articles have been published on Alternet and Salon. Website: For more information on the conference, go to: For more information on election integrity issues, go to: For ongoing support of our efforts, please consider contributing to

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  • Photo of 26. Election Audits: Requirements

    26. Election Audits: Requirements

    Karen McKim talks about the characteristics of a good election audit – the minimum requirements, and ballot images. Karen McKim has been coordinator of the Wisconsin Election Integrity Action Team ( since its formation in 2012. The group focuses on management of elections technology, particularly as it relates to verification of computer-tabulated results. In October 2014, we achieved one important objective: Convincing the state elections agency to make it clear that local clerks can verify accuracy before they certify results. She has a master’s degree in public administration from the UW-Madison, and is retired from a 30-year career in state government, working in management auditing and quality assurance. In 2016, she ran for county clerk. Website: For more information on the conference, go to: For more information on election integrity issues, go to: For ongoing support of our efforts, please consider contributing to

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