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22. Jan BenDor – Voter’s Guide to Alternative Vote Counting Reform Proposals

2019 In Paper We Trust - 3rd National Election Integrity Conference

Why voters seek reform–spoilers, stalking horses, undervotes, wasted votes, Electoral College, “primarying” as a weapon. The faddish nature of reform proposals by well funded advocacy groups.

  1. Counting system designs and flaws–plurality,RCV/IRV, approval, value voting
  2. Election reform priorities
  3. Verifiability problems
  4. Technical and security issues
  5. Voter usability
  6. Legal problems
  7. Political barriers


Jan BenDor is a founding member of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Michigan Election Reform Alliance.org, which advocates for voter protection, election verification, and comprehensive election security. A state-accredited elections administrator and election worker trainer, with lengthy experience as a deputy township Clerk, she volunteers as the Michigan Election Reform Alliance Statewide Coordinator. MERA co-led the successful 2018 effort to stop gerrymandering in Michigan, passing a state constitutional amendment to establish an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Jan joined the Board of Directors of the National Election Defense Coalition in 2014. NEDC is working in Washington to enact bi-partisan legislation that would end all use of paperless voting machines, mandate manual risk limiting audits, and put teeth into enforcement of federal laws against voter purging and suppression.

Website: MichiganElectionReformAlliance.org

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