2019 NVRTF Conference Speakers

Lori Grace, MA

Founder of the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, TrustVote.org

Conference Discussion Topic: TBA

Lori Grace, MA is the founder of the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity and is also currently a fellow of the Institute also known as TrustVote.org. She has been involved in issues regarding election integrity since 2003, when she first started working with Bev Harris of Black Box Voting. She founded the Institute with awarding Carolyn Crnich (now retired) of Humboldt County for her excellent work as a registrar supporting election integrity. She also wrote and hosted programs on the many issues that came up in the 2016 primaries and the election that followed. Lori, Bob and John Brakey all directors of TrustVote.org are all very oriented towards creating possible solutions to America’s many problems in election integrity and are excited by the increased amount of interest in the American public now has about this issue.

Website: TrustVote.org

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