2019 NVRTF Conference Speakers

Jennifer Cohn

Journalist, Attorney and Election Integrity Advocate

Conference Discussion Topic: TBA

In the wake of the 2016 election, Jenny Cohn became interested in election integrity. Her initial research concerned voting machine vulnerabilities, but she soon wondered how we came to have such a flagrantly insecure voting system. Though her quest continues, what she has unearthed thus far is alarming. Her goal is to verify and separately source (with mainstream media articles wherever possible) each fact that led to our flawed voting system. She is propelled by the notion that we must understand how we got here in order to find our way out.

Background: Jennifer Cohn received her BA in Psychology from UCLA and JD from Hastings College of the Law. She practiced law for over 20 years and was a partner with Nielsen Haley & Abbott, LLC in California. Her practice focused primarily on insurance coverage and appellate law. She left the practice of law several years ago to focus on her young family.

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