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22. Snapshot Protocol

Ray Lutz at 2017 Take Back the Vote Election Integrity Conference

Ray Lutz speaks about snapshot protocol, the 2016 California primary in San Diego, his lawsuit with the San Diego Registrar of Voters (ROV) Michael Vu, and proposals for improving elections.

Ray Lutz, trained as an engineer in electronics and software, founded Citizens Oversight in 2007 to enable civic engagement. Most recently, he has been active improving election integrity using the Snapshot Protocol and intense oversight of election processing. Sued San Diego County Registrar Michael Vu in 2016 for deficient auditing procedures, and won. Now appealing to extend to all counties. Also suing San Diego county for voted ballot accessed. Started the Open Ballot Initiative to use ballot images to provide election oversgiht. In 2011, Ray was arrested for attempting to register voters, and he sued the City and won.
Website: Citizens Oversight

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