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16. Election Integrity: The Path Forward

Mimi Kennedy at 2017 Take Back the Vote Election Integrity Conference

Mimi Kennedy has served as Advisory Board Chair for Progressive Democrats of America since its founding in 2004. She is an actress on stage (GREASE) TV (MOM, DHARMA & GREG) and film (MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, IN THE LOOP) and writer (TAKEN TO THE STAGE; THE EDUCATION OF AN ACTRESS) She’s worked voluntarily for Election Integrity since 2002, helping found CEPN (California Election Protection Network) and PDA’s Election Issues Organizing team. She is a member of LA County Registrar’s Voter Outreach Committee and was invited to help establish principles for LA’s new voting system as a member of the Registrar’s Voting Systems Advisory Panel. Her non-negotiable was a human-readable paper ballot counted independently from the machine that produced it, and that is the new system’s design. She makes media appearances (Thom Hartmann, Harvey Wasserman, KPFK-Pacifica) to discuss election integrity developments and warn of new fraud risks like “Fraction Magic”, Bev Harris and Bennie Smith’s discovery of fractional voting programs in 80% of US private-company election systems.

Progressive Democrats of America: http://pdamerica.org

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